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Men's haircut

Choose the fine haircut that suits you modern or classic. We will put it into practice with our knowledge and experience.

Using a comb machine for modern haircuts (fade-skinfade), to an absolute traditional haircut only with a comb and scissors.

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Children's haircut

With special attention to the wishes of our little friends, we build the right foundations for the promotion of their personality with a wonderful style.

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Traditional Shaving With Compresses

The ultimate experience of our barber shop. Traditional shaving with compresses before and after shaving (hot and cold).

The preparation of the skin with a warm compress helps to open the pores and to welcome the brush with rich foam.

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Combined with face care products and scents they take you to another era. Then the hot compress becomes cold and with the ice we close the pores of the skin.

Together with the moisturizer it creates a feeling of freshness.

A service that is worth dedicating to yourself by taking a break from everyday life.

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Hair Removal With Thread

The technique of threading the face offers perfect lines on the beard with clean cheekbones with duration.

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Complete Beard Treatment

At Fino we give the right shape to the beard using comb scissors and a machine with detail. The service is done to give cleaner lines and shape to your beard, using the razor around the perimeter.

We use the appropriate products for hydration and rejuvenation of the face and beard.

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Beard treatment

The beard requires special care. Depending on the size of the beard, we give the necessary treatment with the appropriate tools. We use professional products for moisturizing and rejuvenating the face and beard.

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Neck Cleaning

Freshening for a clean neck using a machine around the perimeter.

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Special Wedding Care

Fino – The Traditional Barber undertakes to offer you a special special treatment for your wedding day.

On this day, you will feel that the world revolves around you and all we want to do is make this occasion even more special for you, offering wonderful haircuts and specialized care services.

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The success of a haircut lies behind a refreshing shampoo. Using the right products and the right technique, we achieve the right preparation of the scalp for better haircut and styling.

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